Web Development: Top Sports Coaching

Screenshot of Top Sports Coaching's website.

The Objective

Redesign Top Sport Coaching’s website, improving accessibility, site navigation, and content hierarchy.

The Solution

When I was approached to redesign Top Sports Coaching’s website, it was abundantly clear what needed to be done. The current website had a very poor structure, and finding the information you wanted was a nightmare.

I started the redesign with a content audit, to identify exactly what information needed to be kept, and what could go. As a result, we actually ended up scrapping just about everything, opting to build a brand new experience from the ground up. The resulting website is very pleasing, and ticks all the boxes of the original brief. As an extra touch, I also added an interactive netball league plugin, allowing the client to easily add and edit league information via the WordPress back-end.

Job Roles

  • Project Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Copy Writer
  • Image Editor
  • UX Consultant
  • User Interaction Designer

Website Features

  • Built with WordPress
  • Mobile-friendly (responsive design)
  • Retina-ready (high resolution) graphics
  • Easy to update
  • Clear content hierarchy
  • Tight social media integration
  • MailChimp signup form
  • Interactive netball leagues functionality
  • Streamlined (online) registration process

What They Say

Had a parent say how fantastic our site was the other day. She said it was really clear, all the relevant info in one place, clearly signposted, and easy to book in.