Web Development

“I design sites that are not just easy on the eye, but easy to use too.”

"It seems that every man and his dog is willing to give web design a go these days. That’s great, but what most don’t realise is that building a modern website involves so much more than just adding pictures and text to a page. My websites are built with everything from content strategy, content management and accessibility, to responsive design (ensuring that sites look as good on a mobile screen as they do a tablet or desktop screen), graceful degradation (taking into account users with older web browsers), and even more techy stuff like Open Graph protocol data management (ensuring that Facebook plays nicely with your website) - amongst other stuff - baked right in. If you’re serious about having a quality web presence, I’d love to talk to you."

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Who Has Freakyleaf Worked With?

Here's just a few of the brands Freakyleaf has had the pleasure of working with.

  • Bairstow Eves logo
  • Carlson Rezidor logo
  • Countrywide logo
  • Hamptons International logo
  • Hetheringtons logo
  • Mastercard logo
  • Park Inn logo
  • Park Plaza logo
  • Radisson logo
  • Sainsbury's Bank logo
  • Taylors logo

Latest work

  • Screenshot of Countrywide Careers website.
    Commission:Web Development
    Web Development for Countrywide
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  • Screenshot of Exquisite Car Cleaning Products' website.
    Commission:Web Development
    Client:Exquisite Car Cleaning Products
    Industry:Cleaning Products
    Web Development for Exquisite Car Cleaning Products
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  • Screenshot of Top Sports Coaching's website.
    Commission:Web Development
    Client:Top Sports Coaching
    Industry:Sports and Fitness
    Web Development for Top Sports Coaching
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  • Screenshot of The Music Centre's website.
    Commission:Web Development
    Client:The Music Centre
    Industry:Musical Instrument Retail
    Web Development for The Music Centre
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  • Screenshot of Take Me Home James' website.
    Commission:Web Development
    Client:Take Me Home James
    Industry:Private Hire
    Web Development for Take Me Home James
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  • Screenshot of SoundARC's website.
    Commission:Web Development
    Industry:Sound Recording
    Web Development for SoundARC
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  • Screenshot of Robin Campbell's website.
    Commission:Web Development
    Client:Robin Campbell
    Industry:Music and Entertainment
    Web Development for Robin Campbell
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  • Screenshot of Gill Tembo's website.
    Commission:Web Development
    Client:Gill Tembo
    Web Development for Gill Tembo
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  • Screenshot of Celtic Krystal's website.
    Commission:Web Development
    Client:Celtic Krystal
    Industry:Music and Entertainment
    Web Development for Celtic Krystal
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What I Do

  • Create Amazing Mobile-Optimised Websites

    With web users now employing a multitude of devices to access the internet from, it’s essential that your website looks as good on a mobile phone screen as it does a desktop monitor. I employ a ‘one site for all’ approach (commonly known as responsive web design), which basically means that your website’s layout adapts to the device it’s being viewed on.

    All of my designs come with this ‘responsive’ goodness baked right in (unless you specify otherwise of course - I am more than happy to create separate mobile and desktop versions of your website should you wish), meaning happy visitors no matter what sized device they view your website from. I also subscribe to the ‘mobile first’ code philosophy, resulting in a blisteringly-fast mobile web experience, while desktop users get all the added bells and whistles. No fluff and no faff - just slick, engaging online experiences for all.

  • Create Websites Hot On User Experience

    User experience is big business these days – and quite rightly so. Web users are becoming more and more switched on as to the types of experiences they’re willing to invest their time in. If your website doesn’t meet their expectations, they’ll soon move on elsewhere. I create sites built from the off that give your visitors the ‘content fix’ they’re after, and help steer your customers to exactly where you want them to go.

  • Supply First-Rate Post-Launch Support

    So I’ve built you a fantastic website, but now what?! Well I offer a whole host of post-launch support services, so we can continue right where we left off. I am more than happy to supply and post content, perform maintenance updates, and generally deal with all the techy stuff, so you can feel confident that your site is running like clockwork 24/7.

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What I can do for You

  • Make Your Website More Useful

    There seems to be a lot of websites out there whose sole purpose is to confuse and alienate their visitors. I subscribe to the opposite philosophy, whereby websites are easy to navigate, and locating the information you want is a breeze.

    With smartphone internet usage increasing by the day, having a website that is genuinely useful to your visitors (and not just there for the sake of being there) is now more important than ever. I create websites that can both inform and entertain your visitors, as well as including interactive functionality, such as booking calendars, upload areas, social media integration, and online shops.

  • Give Your Visitors A Reason To Return Time And Time Again

    Gone are the days of small, static websites that get published and then forgotten about. The modern website is constantly updated and bustling with activity, featuring articles, videos, podcasts, customer reviews, and how-tos, to name but a few. There’s good reason for this trend too: People are spending more time online than ever before - always on the lookout for that next ‘content fix’.

    “Why can’t my website pull the kinds of crowds I’d like it to, and keep them coming back?” I hear you ask. The answer is simple: It can! I design comprehensive content strategies for individuals and businesses wishing to build their online user base, and ultimately convert returning visitors into returning customers.

  • Make Your Website Accessible To All

    Here in the UK, there is a legal obligation to make sure that your website complies with certain accessibility guidelines. At its most basic, this means ensuring that the underlying code of your website addresses all the necessary criteria, in order for screen readers to more easily interpret the content.

    I take website accessibility very seriously, and make sure that all my websites adhere to the necessary legislation. If you’re not sure if your current website complies, I am happy to perform an audit and advise of any accessibility issues it may have.

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