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  1. A Weekender With Ryan Lownds

    Image of part of SoundARC Recording Studio's logo

    Just completed a ‘Weekender’ session at SoundARC with singer/songwriter Ryan Lownds. We worked fast, and managed to get three full-band tracks and two acoustic tracks recorded and mixed, and then mastered his entire album’s worth of material, all in twenty hours! The challenge came from having to slip in two tracks which were recorded elsewhere, and had a very different sonic footprint. However, with a little lot of equalisation and a touch bucketload of compression, we got everything sitting nicely in the end.

  2. Image of the Freakyleaf logo

    Just finished a recording session at SoundARC with Stevenage-based four-piece Young Minorities. The band booked a ‘weekender’ session at the studio, which includes twenty hours of studio time (split over Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday), and picked two full-band songs and an acoustic track to lay down. Friday night was spent setting up and tracking drums for the two full-band songs, Saturday saw drum editing and everything else tracked (proper fast those guys!), and Sunday was spent mixing and mastering. If you want to check out the result, head over to their SoundCloud page, or check them out on Facebook.

  3. Image of the desk at SoundARC Recording Studios

    Today marked the end of the first of many recording sessions with ‘Daily Fish’ (working band title) at SoundARC Recording Studios. Working towards a spring 2013 album release, the band put down the rhythm section to the first five tracks, including Reggae ballad ‘Stevo’ (yup – a song about Stevenage). It was a real privilege to see each track develop as we went along, and I look forward to picking up where we left off in the new year.