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  1. I’ve just updated my online web development CV and made use of a tag-based system to display the various roles I took on for each of the projects. I was after a very specific look, whereby tags are both shaded (filled) and outlined. Screenshot of my online web development CV, demonstrating the use of CSS tags. A quick scan online didn’t produce any immediate solutions, so I decided to roll my own. The usual method of drawing complex shapes using CSS relies on pseudo elements. There’s a great post on CSS Tricks that details the many shapes that can be …

  2. Screenshot of the re-launched Music Centre website.

    After a couple of month’s hard graft, I’m pleased to announce the re-launch of the Music Centre’s website. What started out as a responsive design retrofitting project turned into something much more – a comprehensive rebuild including a complete code refactor right the way through the purchase and checkout process! The site now sports a much cleaner presentation, loads faster, and is mobile-friendly throughout to boot.

  3. A Brief Foray Into CSS Shapes

    Screenshot of Freakleaf's home page demonstrating CSS Shapes.

    I often use my website as a playground for new technology, so thought I’d try making use of CSS Shapes, after getting suitably inspired by this example. First off, as of August 2014, support for CSS Shapes Module Level 1 is magnificently poor (with only dev channel versions of both Chrome (unprefixed) and Safari (prefixed with -webkit-) harbouring working versions), so I had to implement it in a way that would only progressively enhance the current layout, as opposed to making changes that would destroy the vast majority of users’ experiences. The web has always played second fiddle to print …