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  1. 3.25 Days at the ‘ARC

    Image of a Revox A77 tape machine rewinding

    As the title suggests, I’ve just spent a shade over three days working on various projects in the studio. Friday evening was spent tracking vocals to The MLP’s new songs, which are really coming along nicely. Got a bit of editing to do now before we can mix, but the tracks aren’t that far off from being released. Saturday saw recording first-time nu-metallers Dialekt lay down two tracks at SoundARC. Working fast, we managed to record and mix everything within eight hours – quite an achievement considering how good the tracks sound! Sunday saw the return of Chavassea Okeke to …

  2. In The Studio With The MLP

    Image of the desk at SoundARC Recording Studios

    I’m currently working with The MLP on their debut EP at SoundARC Recording Studios. Tracking is going well, and it’s really nice to work with some old faces again. Drums, bass and guitar are pretty much there (save the odd bit of tidying up), as are the majority of the vocals. We’ve still got a couple of backing vocal parts to lay down along with some percussion before we’re ready to mix.