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  1. Image of the desk at SoundARC Recording Studios

    Well it’s always nice to be doing things, but this month ‘things’ have happened with such frequency that I’ve not had chance to post about any of them! The month started off with The Piano & Cello Duo recording three tracks live as part of the SoundARC Sessions, the results of which can be seen (and heard) below. Next up came news of a new exciting web development commission for a brand-new start-up, who wish to sell their goods through a couple of online channels. I’ll be able to share more info once the project kicks off proper. Mid-month I …

  2. ‘Our Song’ Update

    Image of a piano keyboard

    Just had a really productive meeting with Thelma Brown today regarding ‘Our Song’ (the track I’m co-writing to help raise awareness for people with disabilities – more news here). We’re definitely heading in the right direction, although there’s still a few wrinkles to iron out before recording can commence. Having changed the feel of the song from swung to straight has dramatically helped with the vocal deliverance, and lends itself to choral work much more, as intended. The plan is to complete the final demo and send off for approval within the week. Exciting times!

  3. A Song Writing Commission

    Image of a piano keyboard

    Something a little different here – I’ve been commissioned to co-write a song for a very good cause. Northampton-based Lyricist Thelma Brown asked me if I’d be interested in working with her to help realise ‘Our Song’ – a track that she’d penned about people with disabilities, in order to help raise awareness. I was more than happy to oblige, so have been busy coming up with ideas, and putting together a first draft for her approval. Thelma is very keen to have the song performed by choral groups, and has already had five choirs nationwide respond to an ad …

  4. Image of the desk at SoundARC Recording Studios

    Today marked the end of the first of many recording sessions with ‘Daily Fish’ (working band title) at SoundARC Recording Studios. Working towards a spring 2013 album release, the band put down the rhythm section to the first five tracks, including Reggae ballad ‘Stevo’ (yup – a song about Stevenage). It was a real privilege to see each track develop as we went along, and I look forward to picking up where we left off in the new year.

  5. Image of a mixing desk in a recording studio

    With many of the bands I have worked with, the phrase ‘pre-production’ is often used but seldom truly understood. The definition has changed over the years as recording techniques have evolved, yet the principles still remain; it is the preparation for the transition from rehearsal room to studio live room. To me, pre-production is an invaluable part of the recording process which can make or break a track – essentially allowing an outsider (i.e. someone who’s not in the band and who hasn’t previously been involved in neither the writing nor rehearsing of the material) to advise on any polishing …