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  1. Studio setup at Freakyleaf Studios

    It’s been a long time coming but I can finally let the cat out of the bag (or should that be the tracks out of my computer?) – my debut album “The Boy That Did Not Exist” has made it through the mix stage and is now ready for mastering. Although having started recording in 1999 (yup – a whole twenty years ago) it wasn’t until last year that I really started to make a concerted effort to tie up all the loose ends. I then spent considerable time re-recording all vocals, bouncing tracks to tape and back into my …

  2. Wayne Orchard’s Tracks Ready For Mixing

    SoundARC TAC Desk With Headphones

    For the past five months Wayne and I have been working on a few of his tracks over at SoundARC, and I’m now happy to report that mixing will commence in the no-so-distant future. What started off as typical acoustic singer/songwriter sketches have now become full-blown productions, with plenty of layered guitar, keys, and background effects to boot. Mixing will begin sometime early February with a release shortly after.

  3. Image of part of SoundARC Recording Studio's logo

    Well that was loud! My ‘working week’ at SoundARC kicked of Friday afternoon with the return of the ever-lovely Harry Wade and Kayleigh Moss, to finish off their latest EP. A few mix tweaks here and there and then a mastering session brought many hours of work nicely to a close. Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday saw the return of hard-rock four-piece Rough Justice. Adding two tracks (‘Dirt’ and ‘Where We Began’) to their as-yet-untitled album, the boys were sounding as heavy as ever. All that remains now is for me to master. Roy Lendor popped in Monday to continue …

  4. Image of a Revox A77 tape machine rewinding

    Well they say no news is good news, and that certainly is true here at Freakyleaf HQ. Work has come thick and fast these past few months, so much so that I’ve just not had chance to sit and write an update. The last five days have seen all manner of sessions on at SoundARC, kicking off with Roy Lendor on Thursday. Roy has now completed his first album (which is currently waiting to be mastered), so we’re now diving head-first into a new track set for release on album number two. Friday was a real mixed bag, with some …

  5. Image of the mixing desk at The Lodge recording studios in Northampton.

    Today saw the vocal tracking to ‘Our Song’, a track written by the wonderful Thelma Brown. Students at Northampton’s Northgate School have been busy rehearsing for some time now, and we used The Lodge’s facilities in the town centre to record them (on the very same desk that Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded on no less!). The day went very smoothly, with the first half dedicated to the chorus, and the second half soloists. I’ve now got a bit of editing to do before mixing can start, so hopefully everything will be wrapped up in the next month or so!

  6. Feckin Ejits logo

    As a rule of thumb I tend not to call my clients ejits, but on this occasion I’m going to make an exception! After the success of ‘The Reunion Song‘, I was thrilled that 80’s British street punk band The Feckin Ejits wanted to record their (long time coming!) debut album ‘Off The Feckin Head’ at SoundARC Recording Studios with me behind the desk. Anyone who’s been in the studio will know that five days isn’t a great deal of time, but we worked fast, tracking twelve songs in two days, recording guitar and vocal overdubs on the third, and …