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  1. Helping Out An Old Friend

    Image of Leonard Burton as drawn by Josh Mecouch

    Just spent a day helping out an old friend with a bit of web development, so thought I’d post a wee bit about it. Fellow web developer Leonard Burton of Atomworks got me to have a look at a website he’s been working on recently, and make some final tweaks to the code before setting it live (mostly sorting out some JavaScript behaviour, and making sure Internet Explorer 8 plays nicely). Do check out Leonard’s sites if you’ve got the time; he’s a dab hand at his craft!

  2. Image of the SVG scrollbars detailed in the post

    One of the main considerations when developing the new Freakyleaf website was how to future-proof the site’s graphical elements. For the vast majority of sprites and graphics, it was a real no-brainer to choose SGV (Scalable Vector Graphics) over traditional file formats (such as JPG, GIF and PNG), to deliver resolution-independent visuals (with a suitable fall-back in place for those not-so-well-endowed web browsers, of course). So with this mind set I went about creating the various graphics for my website, including the main logo (the one top left of this very page). This was created in Adobe Illustrator and saved …