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  1. CSS Icon Backgrounds

    Screenshot of a hue wheel demonstrating the colours used in my post.

    When composing this post, I decided that each of the accompanying icons would work well against coloured discs, gradually rotating in hue as they progressed down the page. The result was something a bit like this: I opted for 12 different colours, so each icon’s hue would change by 30 (hue being measured on a scale of 0-360 degrees). After some thought, I decided to create the discs programmatically using CSS. This has the following benefits over including them as part of the icon image: If I ever decide to add, remove, or edit page content, I wouldn’t need to …

  2. CSS Pseudo Elements On Images

    Image of a web page's HTML code

    Please note: This post relates to an ealier website build, in a time when I thought that this kind of behaviour was perfectly acceptable. Please forgive me. Forever on the lookout for ways to speed up the loading time of my website, I realised that the graphics for each of my music production, web development and online promotion pages were causing considerable overhead. This surprised me at first, as I’d taken the time to create SVGZ (zipped SVG) files (with a neat fall back to PNG for those less well-endowed browsers), but all-in, the six images on my ‘Web Development’ …