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  1. Image of a Revox A77 tape machine rewinding

    Where does the time go?!! Seems like only yesterday I was detailing October’s goings on, and now we’ve reached the end of November! Anyway, the month started off with a couple of studio sessions from Ben Drake and Speedshot, then it was into a week of web development, concluding with an acoustic session with the lovely Kayleigh Moss and Harry Wade. Week 2 saw more web development for my good friend Leonard Burton over at Atomworks, finishing with a couple of weekend sessions back at SoundARC with FS1E and Bowfinger. Week 3 saw yet more web development, and studio sessions …

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    Wow! What just happened?! The last four days have all been a bit of a blur to be honest! Thursday saw the return of Ben Drake to SoundARC, laying down the remaining lead vocals and guitar to his second album. It’s all coming together very nicely; I’ve just got a small mountain of editing to do now before we start mixing! Friday and Sunday saw ‘Standard’ recording sessions, with indie rockers ‘Relights’, and rock covers band ‘Los Cajones’ respectively. Both bands managed to lay down an impressive four tracks in the six hours allocated – pretty good going by anyone’s …

  3. A Fine Start To The Week

    Image of part of SoundARC Recording Studio's logo

    Well it’s been a busy old few days! Sunday saw the beginning of a brand-new project at SoundARC, with singer/songwriter Chavassea Okeke in the studio. We had a very productive day, scratching out the structure to the first track of the project, ‘Still Walking’, then adding layers and sounds as we saw fit. Monday evening saw the return of FS1E, with some final mix tweaks before we master next month. Everything is sounding very nice indeed! Finally, today saw seven-piece function band ‘Kate’s Band’ lay down some feel-good standards with us. We moved fast, and managed to track three tunes …

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    It was another busy one! Saturday saw FS1E at SoundARC, while Sunday saw and early start (and a late finish!) with Ben Drake. FS1E’s debut album is nearing completion, and we spent a day refining previous mixes, making sure that everything is ship-shape for mastering (taking place very soon). Sunday’s session saw more work completed on Ben’s second album, with guitar and backing vocals tracking. Both albums are sounding really great, and I can’t wait for them to finally be released to an unsuspecting public! :)