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  1. Screenshot of one of Top Sport Coaching's custom Facebook page tabs

    I’m very excited to announce the completion of a mini project I’ve just finished for Top Sports Coaching. Following the launch of their new website, I spoke to company owner Susanne about online marketing, and she said that the majority of her marketing efforts were funnelled through Facebook. Having recently added a registration form to the website, it made perfect sense to port this functionality across to Facebook, along with league information and scores. This way, Facebook users could be driven to completing certain actions without having to leave the confinements of the website. The result is really pleasing, as …

  2. Image of the Freakyleaf logo

    Just finished a recording session at SoundARC with Stevenage-based four-piece Young Minorities. The band booked a ‘weekender’ session at the studio, which includes twenty hours of studio time (split over Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday), and picked two full-band songs and an acoustic track to lay down. Friday night was spent setting up and tracking drums for the two full-band songs, Saturday saw drum editing and everything else tracked (proper fast those guys!), and Sunday was spent mixing and mastering. If you want to check out the result, head over to their SoundCloud page, or check them out on Facebook.