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  1. A Recording Surprise

    Image of a dulcimer in the live room at SoundARC Recording Studios.

    The last two days have been spent knee-deep in edits (metaphorically speaking of course; I was working purely in the digital domain!). Now a good way into recording his second album with us, Ben Drake has spent a great deal of time tracking recently, so I’ve currently got a massive backlog of editing work, some of which I managed to get through. Yesterday afternoon however, I took an hour out to record Caroline Riches (from ‘Ragged Staff’) a fiddle, and – to my surprise – a dulcimer, for a folk track, titled ‘I Lay Stretched On Your Grave’. Dulcimers are …

  2. A Busy Weekend At The ‘ARC

    Image of part of SoundARC Recording Studio's logo

    What a weekend! Saturday kicked off with a four-hour ‘Live Demo’ session with ‘Eddie Manson and the Disciples‘, then it was onto drum editing duties in preparation for Sunday’s session with Ben Drake. Sunday saw good progress made on Ben’s second album recorded with us; we tracked the rhythm and lead guitars, and keyboards for five songs, leaving only vocals to track before mixing begins.