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  1. A Weekender With Ryan Lownds

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    Just completed a ‘Weekender’ session at SoundARC with singer/songwriter Ryan Lownds. We worked fast, and managed to get three full-band tracks and two acoustic tracks recorded and mixed, and then mastered his entire album’s worth of material, all in twenty hours! The challenge came from having to slip in two tracks which were recorded elsewhere, and had a very different sonic footprint. However, with a little lot of equalisation and a touch bucketload of compression, we got everything sitting nicely in the end.

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    It was another busy one! Saturday saw FS1E at SoundARC, while Sunday saw and early start (and a late finish!) with Ben Drake. FS1E’s debut album is nearing completion, and we spent a day refining previous mixes, making sure that everything is ship-shape for mastering (taking place very soon). Sunday’s session saw more work completed on Ben’s second album, with guitar and backing vocals tracking. Both albums are sounding really great, and I can’t wait for them to finally be released to an unsuspecting public! :)

  3. Image of the desk at SoundARC Recording Studios

    Hot out of the studio are two tracks from February of Strangers, recorded, mixed and mastered by yours truly! ‘Black Heart’ and ‘Out of Reach’ are the products of three days at SoundARC Recording Studios, and show that you don’t need a huge band lineup to create an epic sound!