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  1. Image of a Revox A77 tape machine rewinding

    Where does the time go?!! Seems like only yesterday I was detailing October’s goings on, and now we’ve reached the end of November! Anyway, the month started off with a couple of studio sessions from Ben Drake and Speedshot, then it was into a week of web development, concluding with an acoustic session with the lovely Kayleigh Moss and Harry Wade. Week 2 saw more web development for my good friend Leonard Burton over at Atomworks, finishing with a couple of weekend sessions back at SoundARC with FS1E and Bowfinger. Week 3 saw yet more web development, and studio sessions …

  2. Image of the desk at SoundARC Recording Studios

    Well it’s always nice to be doing things, but this month ‘things’ have happened with such frequency that I’ve not had chance to post about any of them! The month started off with The Piano & Cello Duo recording three tracks live as part of the SoundARC Sessions, the results of which can be seen (and heard) below. Next up came news of a new exciting web development commission for a brand-new start-up, who wish to sell their goods through a couple of online channels. I’ll be able to share more info once the project kicks off proper. Mid-month I …

  3. Helping Out An Old Friend

    Image of Leonard Burton as drawn by Josh Mecouch

    Just spent a day helping out an old friend with a bit of web development, so thought I’d post a wee bit about it. Fellow web developer Leonard Burton of Atomworks got me to have a look at a website he’s been working on recently, and make some final tweaks to the code before setting it live (mostly sorting out some JavaScript behaviour, and making sure Internet Explorer 8 plays nicely). Do check out Leonard’s sites if you’ve got the time; he’s a dab hand at his craft!