Some Mid-Week Solo Action

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I love working with solo musicians. It’s always a real pleasure collaborating with someone one-to-one, as I feel that through getting to know them as a person, I can do a better job in helping them fully realise their music. This week saw three familiar faces return to SoundARC, eaching bringing their own (very different) brands of music with them. Wednesday saw the return of Richard Ward (A.K.A. ‘Haw Haw’), to complete a track he started with us last week. ‘Undercut’ is an electronica/rock crossover that manages to blend a load of seemingly unrelated sounds and textures, to create something that has real cohesion and force; definitely one of favourite tracks of his so far. You can check out some of our previous collaborations here. On Thursday morning, Roy Lendor popped in for a few hours to continue working on his debut pop/RnB album. We’re gradually nearing the end of the production process, and are currently simultaneously mixing three tracks. Finally, Thursday afternoon saw the return of Alex Murray. Alex has previously been demoing her piano and vocal arrangements with us, ready for a possible future band collaboration. With this session however, we started building a complete song up from scratch, with programmed drums, bass, and Mellotron all being added into the mix. All in all, three cracking mid-week sessions!

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