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  1. 3.25 Days at the ‘ARC

    Image of a Revox A77 tape machine rewinding

    As the title suggests, I’ve just spent a shade over three days working on various projects in the studio. Friday evening was spent tracking vocals to The MLP’s new songs, which are really coming along nicely. Got a bit of editing to do now before we can mix, but the tracks aren’t that far off from being released. Saturday saw recording first-time nu-metallers Dialekt lay down two tracks at SoundARC. Working fast, we managed to record and mix everything within eight hours – quite an achievement considering how good the tracks sound! Sunday saw the return of Chavassea Okeke to …

  2. A Song Writing Commission

    Image of a piano keyboard

    Something a little different here – I’ve been commissioned to co-write a song for a very good cause. Northampton-based Lyricist Thelma Brown asked me if I’d be interested in working with her to help realise ‘Our Song’ – a track that she’d penned about people with disabilities, in order to help raise awareness. I was more than happy to oblige, so have been busy coming up with ideas, and putting together a first draft for her approval. Thelma is very keen to have the song performed by choral groups, and has already had five choirs nationwide respond to an ad …

  3. Back From The Masterers

    Image of the desk at SoundARC Recording Studios

    Just learned that a couple of tracks I’ve been working on for the last few months are back from the masterers, so thought I’d share the news. I’ve been working with Chavassea Okeke at SoundARC for some time now, and together we’ve produced gospel pop track ‘Still Walking’, and rap jam ‘Longevity’. While very different sounding (As you’d expect), Chavassea has managed to create a common theme, by stamping his unique sound on each. You can check them out over at Chavassea’s SoundCloud page.

  4. A Mixing Extravaganza

    Ben Drake 'Rise Of The Little Big Things' Album Cover

    I’m writing this post in a kind of post-shock state, as after 25 days of continuous work, many cups of coffee and energy drink, and a monumental 14 hour final day, Ben Drake’s album has finally been mixed and sent off to be mastered. Over the last month, I seem to have spent more time at SoundARC than anywhere else, but it’s time that’s paid off; I’m extremely pleased with what we’ve managed to come up with, and is a recording that will hopefully do Ben proud.

  5. A Bit Of A Mixed Bag

    Image of a Revox A77 tape machine rewinding

    The last three days over at SoundARC have been eclectic to say the least! Friday kicked off with RnB/pop crossover Roy Lendor laying down the vocals to his track entitled ‘Happy’. We then had Ben Toyer (A.K.A ‘MC T’) pop down in the evening to finish off his latest DnB set; everything is sounding nice and tight, although I may have overcooked the mastering a little! Note to self: Never attempt to master last thing on a Friday night! Saturday saw the return of ‘The Feckin Ejits’, continuing where we left off last weekend, with another session of old-school British …

  6. Easter Folk And Punk Madness

    Image of a dulcimer in the live room at SoundARC Recording Studios.

    Weekends off and public holidays are a rarity for a sound engineer. We’re always required to work when everyone else isn’t, and this Easter was no exception! The first was with Joe Dunne and friends. Joe has written a number of songs that he intends to get a whole host of musicians down into the studio to help realise. Saturday saw two of the ‘folkier’ tracks get laid down, with the help of folk trio Ragged Staff. We tracked acoustic guitar, mandola, hammered dulcimer, and vocals, which all went nice and easy. I’ve just got a bit of editing to …