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  1. Bedford Music Centre Website Re-Launch

    Screenshot of the re-launched Music Centre website.

    After a couple of month’s hard graft, I’m pleased to announce the re-launch of the Music Centre’s website. What started out as a responsive design retrofitting project turned into something much more – a comprehensive rebuild including a complete code refactor right the way through the purchase and checkout process! The site now sports a much cleaner presentation, loads faster, and is mobile-friendly throughout to boot.

  2. November 2014 Review

    Image of a Revox A77 tape machine rewinding

    Where does the time go?!! Seems like only yesterday I was detailing October’s goings on, and now we’ve reached the end of November! Anyway, the month started off with a couple of studio sessions from Ben Drake and Speedshot, then it was into a week of web development, concluding with an acoustic session with the lovely Kayleigh Moss and Harry Wade. Week 2 saw more web development for my good friend Leonard Burton over at Atomworks, finishing with a couple of weekend sessions back at SoundARC with FS1E and Bowfinger. Week 3 saw yet more web development, and studio sessions …

  3. October 2014 Review

    Image of the desk at SoundARC Recording Studios

    Well it’s always nice to be doing things, but this month ‘things’ have happened with such frequency that I’ve not had chance to post about any of them! The month started off with The Piano & Cello Duo recording three tracks live as part of the SoundARC Sessions, the results of which can be seen (and heard) below. Next up came news of a new exciting web development commission for a brand-new start-up, who wish to sell their goods through a couple of online channels. I’ll be able to share more info once the project kicks off proper. Mid-month I …

  4. Custom Facebook Page Launch For TSC

    Screenshot of one of Top Sport Coaching's custom Facebook page tabs

    I’m very excited to announce the completion of a mini project I’ve just finished for Top Sports Coaching. Following the launch of their new website, I spoke to company owner Susanne about online marketing, and she said that the majority of her marketing efforts were funnelled through Facebook. Having recently added a registration form to the website, it made perfect sense to port this functionality across to Facebook, along with league information and scores. This way, Facebook users could be driven to completing certain actions without having to leave the confinements of the website. The result is really pleasing, as …

  5. A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

    Image of the plan on the final day of mastering 'A Sense of Place'

    Just finished a busy four day recording and mixing stint at SoundARC, with a real mixed bag of musical projects. Friday morning saw Roy Lendor return to continue work on his début RnB/pop-tinged album. We’re just over half way through the mixing process now, and things are sounding really sweet. Friday afternoon saw Ben Drake pop in to track bass, lead guitar and keys to his soon-to-be-released single titled ‘Forever’. Got a little bit of editing to do now before we can track vocals, which are currently pencilled in to be tracked in a couple of weeks. Sunday was a …

  6. ‘Our Song’ Update

    Image of a piano keyboard

    Just had a really productive meeting with Thelma Brown today regarding ‘Our Song’ (the track I’m co-writing to help raise awareness for people with disabilities – more news here). We’re definitely heading in the right direction, although there’s still a few wrinkles to iron out before recording can commence. Having changed the feel of the song from swung to straight has dramatically helped with the vocal deliverance, and lends itself to choral work much more, as intended. The plan is to complete the final demo and send off for approval within the week. Exciting times!