November 2014 Review

Image of a Revox A77 tape machine rewinding

Where does the time go?!! Seems like only yesterday I was detailing October’s goings on, and now we’ve reached the end of November! Anyway, the month started off with a couple of studio sessions from Ben Drake and Speedshot, then it was into a week of web development, concluding with an acoustic session with the lovely Kayleigh Moss and Harry Wade. Week 2 saw more web development for my good friend Leonard Burton over at Atomworks, finishing with a couple of weekend sessions back at SoundARC with FS1E and Bowfinger. Week 3 saw yet more web development, and studio sessions with Ben Drake and Chavassea Okeke, with the month rounding off with a bit of light sax tracking on Joe Dunne’s project, and two days of doom metal with The Air Turned to Acid to balance things out. Splendid!

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