‘Heads’ Back From Mastering And Release Date Set

‘Heads’ album cover by Snack Cube

I’m very excited about this one – I was very honoured to be asked to mix Snack Cube’s debut album, and even more excited now I’ve heard the tracks mastered!

I spent a good amount of time towards the end of 2018 with Snack Cube at Freakyleaf HQ working on a sound for his tracks that satisfied both my needs for clarity and precision and his needs for a ‘homegrown’ and ‘organic’ vibe; we both collectively agreed that that what we came up with between us ticked all the boxes. The completed mixes were then passed over to Katie Tavini, who did an excellent job improving the presentation of the mixes without killing the dynamics (trust me – there’s no brick-walling going on here!).

The release date has now been set for Monday 4th February and will be available to stream and download from all popular online services.

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