End Of An Era – Soundcraft Series 1600

Image of some Soundcraft Series 1600 channel strips.

Today I did my final session with the venerable Soundcraft Series 1600 desk at SoundARC (with singer Sammi Vaughan no less – great session it was too!). It’s been the kingpin of the studio’s setup since 2002, and to be honest I’m sad to see it go. It’s not always been the easiest desk to get on with, with it’s quirky (read sporadic) operation, numerous hums and buzzes, and baffling circuitry (it’s of the ‘Producer Edition’ variety that came with a bolted-on patch bay – something that made the entire thing much more error-prone). At times I’ve had to work really hard to coax a good sound out of it, but all in all it’s seen us through and done us proud.

Next week however will see the installation of a similarly-aged AMEK TAC Scorpion – a desk steeped in Neve pedigree, as well as a 1″ 16 track reel to reel tape machine. As much as I’m sad at the Soundcraft’s departure, I’m also very excited by the prospect of the new desk, and what it’s going to bring to the studio in terms of sonic breadth and clarity – two things that the Series 1600 really lacks. Watch this space for more news on the installation! :)

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