Easter Folk And Punk Madness

Image of a dulcimer in the live room at SoundARC Recording Studios.

Weekends off and public holidays are a rarity for a sound engineer. We’re always required to work when everyone else isn’t, and this Easter was no exception! The first was with Joe Dunne and friends. Joe has written a number of songs that he intends to get a whole host of musicians down into the studio to help realise. Saturday saw two of the ‘folkier’ tracks get laid down, with the help of folk trio Ragged Staff. We tracked acoustic guitar, mandola, hammered dulcimer, and vocals, which all went nice and easy. I’ve just got a bit of editing to do now before we can continue with Uilleann pipes, and whistle. The next day saw something completely different, with British street punk band The Feckin Ejits in the studio. The brief was simple – get their cover of Madness’ ‘Cardiac Arrest’ recorded, mixed, and mastered within the day. Tracking was painless, and everything was wrapped up 45 minutes early, making for an early finish!

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