Cello Tracking And Doom Metal – All In A Weekend’s Work!

Image of Gévaudan's band logo

This weekend saw two contrasting recording sessions with Ben Drake and doom metalists Gévaudan. Ben got the wonderfully talented Liz Townsend down to record cello on three tracks of his upcoming second album. The session was a smooth one, and as a result we managed to cover an awful lot of ground in a short space of time. Just got to crack on with editing now before mixing begins! Saturday’s session saw Gévaudan track ‘Message For The Damned’, an epic-sounding doom metal track. Clocking in at over nine minutes, we had to work jolly fast (and then some!), but we managed to get everything tracked, mixed, and mastered within eight hours. If you want to hear the fruits of their labour, you can do here.

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