A Very Busy Weekend Indeed!

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Wow! What just happened?! The last four days have all been a bit of a blur to be honest! Thursday saw the return of Ben Drake to SoundARC, laying down the remaining lead vocals and guitar to his second album. It’s all coming together very nicely; I’ve just got a small mountain of editing to do now before we start mixing! Friday and Sunday saw ‘Standard’ recording sessions, with indie rockers ‘Relights’, and rock covers band ‘Los Cajones’ respectively. Both bands managed to lay down an impressive four tracks in the six hours allocated – pretty good going by anyone’s standards! Between the two sessions saw the final return of FS1E for a while, as we finally laid their album to rest with the mastering session. Big and warm was the order of the day, and, although I need to give it the obligatory few listens, I’m very happy with the finished result.

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