A Busy Mid-November In The Studio

Image of a Revox A77 tape machine rewinding

Well they say no news is good news, and that certainly is true here at Freakyleaf HQ. Work has come thick and fast these past few months, so much so that I’ve just not had chance to sit and write an update. The last five days have seen all manner of sessions on at SoundARC, kicking off with Roy Lendor on Thursday. Roy has now completed his first album (which is currently waiting to be mastered), so we’re now diving head-first into a new track set for release on album number two. Friday was a real mixed bag, with some corporate voiceover work, the return of Harry Goodfellow, and ‘the band with no name’ (currently ‘Ajay’s Band after drummer Ajay) continuing to work on their track ‘It Starts’. Saturday and Sunday saw mod, new-wave, and ska covers band ‘Suburbia’ return to lay no less than five tracks over the two days, and we finished off the working week on Monday with an acoustic session with Kayleigh Moss and Harry Wade. All in all, not a bad show!

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