3.25 Days at the ‘ARC

Image of a Revox A77 tape machine rewinding

As the title suggests, I’ve just spent a shade over three days working on various projects in the studio. Friday evening was spent tracking vocals to The MLP’s new songs, which are really coming along nicely. Got a bit of editing to do now before we can mix, but the tracks aren’t that far off from being released. Saturday saw recording first-time nu-metallers Dialekt lay down two tracks at SoundARC. Working fast, we managed to record and mix everything within eight hours – quite an achievement considering how good the tracks sound! Sunday saw the return of Chavassea Okeke to continue work on his chill-out track titled ‘My Destiny’. We tracked and edited some new vocals, and prepared everything for mixing next week. Should be a good’un! Finally, on Monday I finished off Haw Haw’s latest track, ‘Girly Girl’. Although a bit of a departure from the last few tracks we’ve worked on together, we really went all-out in terms of sonics with this one, as the chorus is massive! Really looking forward to people being able to have a listen to this one!

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