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  1. ‘Heads’ album cover by Snack Cube

    Today sees the release of SnackCube’s debut album ‘Heads’, mixed by yours truly at Freakyleaf HQ. Featuring 8 tracks of genre-spanning electronica, SnackCube’s unique story telling prowess makes for an intriguing and compelling musical adventure. So who is SnackCube? From the man himself: I’m James, a man who is approaching middle age with all the elegance and grace of a burning Ferris wheel. I make music without respect for genre, with a focus on progression and evolution. My recent work has explored the language of instrumental dance music and how that can be used to communicate narrative and imagery in …

  2. ‘Heads’ album cover by Snack Cube

    I’m very excited about this one – I was very honoured to be asked to mix Snack Cube’s debut album, and even more excited now I’ve heard the tracks mastered! I spent a good amount of time towards the end of 2018 with Snack Cube at Freakyleaf HQ working on a sound for his tracks that satisfied both my needs for clarity and precision and his needs for a ‘homegrown’ and ‘organic’ vibe; we both collectively agreed that that what we came up with between us ticked all the boxes. The completed mixes were then passed over to Katie Tavini, …

  3. Studio setup at Freakyleaf Studios

    It’s been a long time coming but I can finally let the cat out of the bag (or should that be the tracks out of my computer?) – my debut album “The Boy That Did Not Exist” has made it through the mix stage and is now ready for mastering. Although having started recording in 1999 (yup – a whole twenty years ago) it wasn’t until last year that I really started to make a concerted effort to tie up all the loose ends. I then spent considerable time re-recording all vocals, bouncing tracks to tape and back into my …

  4. Wayne Orchard’s Tracks Ready For Mixing

    SoundARC TAC Desk With Headphones

    For the past five months Wayne and I have been working on a few of his tracks over at SoundARC, and I’m now happy to report that mixing will commence in the no-so-distant future. What started off as typical acoustic singer/songwriter sketches have now become full-blown productions, with plenty of layered guitar, keys, and background effects to boot. Mixing will begin sometime early February with a release shortly after.

  5. I’m thrilled to announce that The Ben Drake Collective’s ‘Still Alive’ EP is now available for general consumption. This recording is the culmination of many hours of work between the band and myself at SoundARC Recording Studios, and features (in my opinion) some of Ben’s strongest material to date. It can be purchased and streamed through all the usual channels (including iTunes and Spotify). Below is a preview of the title track.

  6. A Whole Lotta Hard Rock – November 2015

    Image of part of SoundARC Recording Studio's logo

    Well that was loud! My ‘working week’ at SoundARC kicked of Friday afternoon with the return of the ever-lovely Harry Wade and Kayleigh Moss, to finish off their latest EP. A few mix tweaks here and there and then a mastering session brought many hours of work nicely to a close. Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday saw the return of hard-rock four-piece Rough Justice. Adding two tracks (‘Dirt’ and ‘Where We Began’) to their as-yet-untitled album, the boys were sounding as heavy as ever. All that remains now is for me to master. Roy Lendor popped in Monday to continue …