Music Production

“Experienced sound engineer and music producer with both technical and creative awesomeness to boot.”

"So you’ve got some songs and want to unleash them on an unsuspecting public? “How do I go about doing that?” you may ask. While there’s certainly plenty of entry-level ‘DIY’ systems on the market these days that will produce mediocre results, if you really want your music to shine, you need a professional - and that’s where I come in! I’ve been carefully honing my craft for about twenty years, and have over thirteen years’ experience working in a professional studio environment. I’ve worked with literally hundreds of artists and bands, and have experience in recording just about every genre imaginable. If you’re serious about creating a quality recording, I’d love to talk to you."

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Latest work

  • Image of Betaboy.
    Title:Good Girl
    Genre:Indie Pop
    Music Production for Betaboy
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  • Image of Matt Hodge.
    Title:Morning Dance
    Artist:Matt Hodge
    Genre:Jazz Fusion
    Music Production for Matt Hodge
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  • Image of Big Deazy.
    Title:13th Victim
    Artist:Big Deazy
    Genre:Indie Rock
    Music Production for Big Deazy
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  • Image of Jermaine RD.
    Artist:Jermaine RD
    Music Production for Jermaine RD
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  • Image of Kevin Hall
    Title:Play Away The Pain
    Artist:Kevin Hall
    Genre:Easy Listening
    Music Production for Kevin Hall
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  • Image of Tom Crick.
    Artist:Tom Crick
    Music Production for Tom Crick
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  • Image of The Ben Drake Collective
    Title:Look At What The World's Become
    Artist:The Ben Drake Collective
    Genre:Light Rock
    Music Production for The Ben Drake Collective
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  • Image of Vice Versa.
    Title:I Heard It Through The Grapevine
    Artist:Vice Versa
    Genre:Psychedelic Soul
    Music Production for Vice Versa
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What I Do

  • Sound Engineer

    Having been in the industry for some time now, I’ve had the honour and pleasure of recording everything from orchestras and prayer groups, to folk trios, bands of any conceivable genre, electro outfits, and pop acts, to name but a few – a client base of literally hundreds and hundreds. I feel that I’m incredibly well-versed in capturing the emotion, detail and integrity of a performance required for any modern music production, and am always on the lookout for new artists and bands to work with.

  • Producer

    I take great pleasure in overseeing a creative vision shared between people. With my productions, I like to challenge and stretch the creative potential of everyone involved, and remain hands-on from beginning to end. Whatever your brief or budget, I’d love to hear from you.

  • Mix Engineer

    I have a real disdain for thin, lifeless mixes. A good mix engineer should be able to bring together all the ingredients of a recording in a way that is both pleasing to the ear and exciting; I strive to create mixes that have both of these qualities. My work has been highly praised by both Abbey Road engineers and mastering engineer John Davis, amongst many others.

  • Programmer

    My passion for programming stems right back to the early 90’s, when my parents bought me a Commodore Amiga 600. These days however, I feel equally at home creating beats and bass lines (or anything else for that matter) with any Digital Audio Workstation. I am happy creating material either on an ad hoc basis, or as part of a larger musical project.

  • Songwriter

    I am always writing songs for one thing or another, and feel adept enough to take on any musical brief. My past experience includes writing for solo artists, bands, film, and a musical. I hope to release my own album of work (currently 15 years in the making!) in the not-so-distant future.

  • Musical Arranger

    Having played in orchestras for the majority of my childhood, I have gained an invaluable insight into what makes a really good musical arrangement (as well as what doesn’t!), and have since developed a sympathetic ear for arranging. I am confident producing score for any sized brief – from solo performances, to symphonic orchestras.

  • Composer For Film And Television

    I have the knowledge and expertise to create emotive audio experiences for film and television. I have single-handedly written, performed and recorded the musical scores for two short films, and have contributed towards many more.

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