Digital Strategy: Top Sports Coaching

The Objective

Increase the newly-created website's reach by integrating it into Facebook, and create various online and offline promotional materials in order to enforce the brand as a market leader.

The Solution

Facebook Custom Page App

Once I’d built Top Sports Coaching’s website, we spoke about means of gaining users. The company worked hard at gaining Facebook followers and had a thriving community of members regularly interract with their Facebook page, so I suggested the idea of building parts of the website into dedicated Facebook page apps. This way, content from the website could be served up to users all from the confinements of Facebook’s ‘walled garden’. Once implemented, it proved very successful; users can register for courses, view league information, and even check the latest scores, all from within the Facebook ecosystem.

Offline Promotional Material

To keep with the strong branding I’d created throughout the web development process, Susanne asked me to design various offline material, for a wide variety of uses. Pictured is a banner used at publicity-drive events. I also designed a 15m x 1.5m banner for use at matches, as well as posters and flyers advertising individual events.

Logo Design

To differentiate the Elite league from the other leagues, I was taked with designing a fitting logo. The brief was to include the UAE golden falcon, in a style similar to the Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing team, but sporting the nation’s patriotic colours of red, green, and white. I used brush strokes to give the figure a real sense of motion, and the whole thing went down very well.

What They Say

A totally positive experience - you listen and understand me, and you give me what I want and more. You take the scary out of leaping into the social media age.