Digital Strategy: Take Me Home James

The Objective

Create a corporate identity for use online and offline, and establish the newly-built website for premium private hire firm Take Me Home James.

The Solution

Company Image

Take Me Home James first came to me shortly after company’s inception. They tasked me with creating everything that a modern business requires to start trading – both online and offline. Following our initial meetings, I first designed the company’s corporate colour palette. From there, the logo and slogan (‘From A to B in comfort & style’) followed, along with stationery, and other offline promotional material.

On-Page SEO Strategy

It’s always difficult for a new website to compete against its more-established peers. Take Me Home James was no exception, but the company recognised the need for Search Engine Optimistation to help boost its chance of success.

As part of the web development strategy, a blog was factored in so that regular, keyword-rich content could be posted. I performed extensive keyword research and wrote articles in order to raise the website’s online profile. Even from early on, this proved successful, with each post acting as a landing page for potential customers.

Off-Page SEO Strategy

To compliment the on-page SEO, we also ran an off-page SEO campaign, consisting of several location-specific satellite websites. The reason for this was two-fold. Firstly, I was able to create ultra-targeted articles that linked back to the company’s main website (adding to the main website’s SEO ‘authority’). Secondly, each article contained the company’s contact details and the Journey Price Calculator application I’d developed.


In order to build a user-base as quickly and efficiently as possible, I set up and maintained the company’s Facebook page. As well as making regular posts, I also created custom tab applications which brought aspects of the website within the walled-gardens of Facebook. This allowed users to get quotations using the Journey Price Calculator application I’d developed, and make a booking enquiry.